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EDIT: I updated his warrior ref because he acquired new scars

reference for the apprentice pose found here…



Name: Thrushkit | Thrushpaw | Thrushflight |

Age: 38 moons

Gender: Male

Breed: Mix

Appearance: His body is slim and his tail is long, allowing for better steering and balance in water. His fur is rather thick, shiny, and soft. His color variations do him very well while hunting, especially during fall, as his pelt blends with the leaves that litter the ground. His eyes are a bright ambergold color.

Rank: Warrior

Clan: Iceclan

Voice actor:… “Aladin”


Personality: Adventurous | Withdrawn| Romantic | Brave | Reckless | Protective |

Adventurous: Since kithood, Thrushflight has been very adventurous. He loves to explore new things and hardly ever sleeps, due to his insomnia and need to be out exploring.

Withdrawn: Though he adventures, its usually on his own. He is afraid to be around other cats and has only been to one gathering. When he became a warrior, he moved his nest to the back of the den, away from everyone else.

Ladies’ Man: He’s a total ladies’ man. He also has a spine-tingling singing voice, which he only uses while he explores alone. He has she-cats swooning and he is oblivious.

Brave/ Reckless: Thrushflight teeters on the line of Brave and reckless. Due to his adventurous nature, he usually ends up in trouble, though he’s not afraid to take the bull by its horns.

Protective: When Thrushflight gets attached to you, you gain a body guard. Since his fathers death, Thrushflight doesn't take his eyes off of those he loves. Even strangers, he feels like he needs to protect everyone.

:bulletorange: History :bulletorange:

:bulletblue: {Bittersweet} :bulletblue:

It was a harsh winter’s night when three new kits entered the life of iceclan. As they gained three, one was lost. The kits mother Whisperstep, had traveled up to starclan during the birthing process. For their father, Sundash, the event was bittersweet. He would spend the next 6 moons glued to his children which he had named Thrushkit, Lionkit, and Snowkit. The three siblings had a normal kithood, having a surrogate mother (named Tanglefur, she adopted the three because her two kits were stillborn), Thrushkit seemed to be the most vivacious of the siblings. His eyes were bright and they thirsted for sight of the world beyond the nursery.

:bulletyellow: {The Day Has Come} :bulletyellow:

The day had finally come for the kits to accept their new apprentice titles. Snowkit and Lionkit bounced excitedly while Tanglefur struggled to groom their pelts. Thrushkits eyes were alight with joy. The day had finally come when he would be appointed a mentor, and he could explore iceclans territory. The first four months of Thrushpaws Apprenticeship went normally. He was advanced in tactical skills and did exceedingly well during battle training. 


:bulletred: Orphan :bulletred:


The day was bright, filled with falling leaves and laughter. Thrushpaw and his siblings were bouncing with excitement. Today they would take their exams to become warriors. As they headed out of camp, Thrushpaw’s fur stood on end. There was something in the air that gave him an uneasy feeling. “Do you smell that?...” The young tom stopped in his tracks. The rest of the group seemed oblivious as they continued towards the training grounds, laughing at something one of the apprentices had said. Thrushpaw ventured warily off the trail, his nose to the wind. “What is tha…” His sentence was cut short by a blood curdling battle cry. Thrushpaw rushed forward, leaping out on an willowclan attack. He hissed ferociously and charged straight in. As the battle raged on, more warriors and apprentices from iceclan joined the fight. iceclans leader howled in victory as the willowclan cats retreated. “Yeah! Hahaa take that!” Thrushpaw smirked and wiped away the blood that trickled from his lips. He gave a satisfied purr and turned to check on the other cats. What lay on the ground before him, changed him forever. His fathers body lay lifeless on the leaf littered soil.


:bulletgreen: A warriors tears :bulletgreen:


As they laid Sundash’s body in the center of the camp, A clan meeting took place. Thruspaw and his siblings were honored for their bravery, and were given their warrior names. Thrushflight, Lionroar, and snowdash sat vigil over their fathers body that night. Since that day, its rare to hear Thrushflight speak. And when he does, he has a terrible stutter.  

:bulletgreen: Family :bulletgreen:

Father: Sundash| Former iceclan | Starclan| Deceased| NPC

Mother: Snowgaze | Former iceclan| Starclan | Deceased| NPC

Surrogate Mother: Tanglefur|iceclan | Alive| NPC

Brother: Lionroar |iceclan | Alive| (open for rp)

Sister: Snowdash| iceclan| Alive| (open for rp)

Relationship tracker:

 :bulletred:- Love


:bulletpink:- Crush


:bulletorange:- Friend


:bulletyellow:- Best Friend


:bulletpurple:- Respect


:bulletblue:- Neutral


:bulletgreen:- Family


:bulletwhite:- Dislike/distrust


Heart Chart:…


RP Example: (Taken from The Blackened Sunrise)

 Pigeonsong's paws flew over the ground as she dodged trees and underbrush. Her breathes came in short puffs and her eyes were wide, darting quickly from side to side. She slid to a stop as her path of travel ended at a high stone cliff. She crumpled over in exhaustion, steadying herself with one paw on the wall, while the other gripped her chest. Her large ears swiveled backwards as a blood-curdling howl ripped through the night air and footsteps echoed through the forest behind her. Her mind raced as she surveyed her options. "Looks like I’m going up..." The agile she-cat hauled herself up the wall, slipping every now and then, but somehow finding the strength and balance to keep going. Finally she was over the ledge. She released a sigh of relief as her clans camp was in eyesight, just across the plain. Though her victory was short lived...whatever had been chasing her... was far from done.

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